Pegasus Control

Technology solutions Factory 

40 years of History in
Energy Control

  More than 1000 products, hundreds of automated processes

During this time we have created solutions for companies that have grown in control and results, developing technology. raising the standards of all production processes in the industry.

Specialized engineering

We develop the best solutions, because we deeply know the operations of this industry of propane, Gasoline, Diesel.

Integral service

We work a project from different angles, we cover installation, commissioning, training and service,

Systems that impact results

Our applications are based on correcting human processes, we eliminate uncertainty and error with automatic systems for reception and storage, distribution and sale.

Peer to peer communication

We like to work with our clients, listen directly to their needs, understand what really affects their results.

Optimizamos cada paso de tu operación

Our services


We are experts, we support you in optimizing your operations and processes through system-based implementations


Our platforms, equipment and software are specifically designed to work in a high demand environment with high demand conditions.


We continue with you all the way, expert engineers in energy distribution processes will support you in the implementation and operation.

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More than 1,000 companies in the LPG distribution industry worldwide use our products to grow their businesses

Implements the best LPG distribution and commercialization control platform in the world.

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