Increase the profitability and efficiency of your station, we have a solution tailored to your needs.

SGC Service Station

A solution adapted to your needs.

A solution adapted to your needs.
  • We have solutions for public and private stations.
  • It adapts to the different needs of dispatch, LPG, gasoline, diesel.
Simplify your administration and provide the best service
  • SGC adapts to the size of your operation, from total control to the simplest self-consumption needs, choose from among our options the best dispenser and system for you.
In compliance with current regulations
  • Our solutions are prepared for the different requirements of reports before the authorities, volumetric controls, metrology, innocuousness.


Gasoline and LPG Stations

We have different options for Gasoline, Diesel or LPG and you can choose different configurations.

Self-consumption stations

Consult and control your entire operation on a single platform.

Fleet management

It facilitates the administration of the loads and the fuel consumption of the fleets of vehicles of your company.
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